I’m a recent college grad, and am currently pursuing an acting career. This blog is a passion project that allows me to share my favorite recipes, all of which have been tested by family, friends, and sometimes enemies.

Born and raised in New York (albeit, Long Island), I’ve been cooking since I was little, though my recipes have definitely improved since then.  I most enjoy baking mouthwatering desserts, cheesy, carb-laden Italian food, and whatever lies in between. I choose to counteract this strict, fat/sugar rich diet with the occasional salad or lean protein, recipes for which I will also post here.


^Some girl. Jk. That’s me. Courtesy of David Noles Photography.^

If I had to describe my cooking style, I’d call it “cooking for the occasion”, because I make whatever the occasion calls for, whether it be hearty or healthy. If I’m hosting a fancy tea, I’ll make Julia Child’s Creme Patissiere and tarts from scratch. If it’s a rainy Monday night, I’ll make a warm cauliflower soup. If it’s a boring Wednesday, I’ll eat a handful of M&M’s and call it a day. The one thing that I shy away from is small, contemporary meals. I’m a fan of moderate portions and warm, rustic charm, all of which you’ll find here.

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For baking inquiries, please e-mail Leslie.Diana30@gmail.com.

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