Halloween Cards

My mom has always been very into rubber stamping and making her own greeting cards, so it’s not a huge surprise that I’m interested in crafting as well. I normally focus more on scrapbooks than on greeting cards, but this year I was in the mood to make something cute to send to friends for Halloween. Though some of my best friends live nearby, a few of them live across the country or even on a different continent. Since I won’t see them for the holiday, I thought it would be nice to show I’m thinking of them by sending a card.



I used a rubber stamp for one of the cards, but for the most part I relied on pre-packaged Halloween paper kits and appropriately themed ribbon. I used double stick adhesive tape and brads to bind the materials together. You may have noticed that most, if not all, of these cards have glitter on them. I used a pigment pen and embossing powder to achieve this look (though some of the paper came with glitter already adhered). You can find all of these items at your local craft store, such as an AC Moore or a Michael’s.



Happy crafting!


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